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AlumaBin brings you the latest in storage bin technology. Here are our lightweight and durable products for all aspects of the entertainment industry.

Our lightweight chain hoist bins are made of industrial grade aluminum; made to hold more, weigh less, and were designed with the Rigger in mind. You can land the motor directly into your AlumaBin and the chain falls easily into its storage compartment under the motor for a safe, hands-free loading experience.
When it comes to convenient loading, standardized truck pack sizing, and saving weight, look no farther! Utility Bins are perfect for ANYTHING going to a show. Whether your package requires steel, span sets, additional cables, motor control, or all of the above, the varying Utility Bins are your answer. Check out our different options to see what will suit your needs the best.
Our Lighting Carts are a game changer! These carts allow for 360 degree access to all hanging lights, which means that your technicians can now check lights before and after the show, or even program the lights on-site before they have left the cart. Never has the industry seen such an innovative way to store and transport your lights. Just take a look and see for yourself!
Add these accessories to your order and maximize your AlumaBin potential!
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