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Our Story

In 1979, we founded a full-service production company based out of the Temecula Valley. From small events to large outdoor concerts, we trucked, carried, strained and went to too many chiropractors from lugging all of our equipment to and from each event. Whether it was staging, concert roof structures, towers, world-class line array PA systems, or concert lighting and video; we packed it up, wiped our brow with a heavy sigh, pre-scheduled our chiropractor appointment and carried on.

During that time, our black plywood cases were deteriorating quickly and we were constantly shopping for new ones. To our surprise, we discovered there were only three ways to go – standard plywood, plastic boxes or super heavy steel bins. However, each of these solutions created MORE problems! Too heavy, too bulky, and still not durable enough to last more than a couple of years.

We wished there was a better solution. We waited for there to be a better solution and then we thought, “Wait, let’s invent that better solution. What if we found a LIGHT WEIGHT metal, that was SUPER DURABLE, and engineered a case ourselves that was STACKABLE and easy to transport?”

So we did… And AlumaBin was born.

Save TONS of Weight

We wanted to see the potential savings that could be achieved from using our AlumaBins so we did an equal comparison between the many different bin types on the market today. To do this, we fully loaded a semi truck to its maximum capacity using wooden road cases. We then took the same number of motors and placed them in Steel, Plastic, and AlumaBins. Check out the incredible savings that set our products apart from any competition.


All our products are made out of 6061 T-6 aluminum, which is the strongest industrial grade aluminum available. They are constructed with heavy-duty casters, making each bin rated for 3,200 lbs. Check out the clips below to see just how versatile our products are!

Why Choose AlumaBin?

When we created AlumaBin, we had one goal in mind – to make an easier, lighter, and yet highly durable solution to hold and transport heavy cables, motors and equipment.

Using the highest industrial grade aluminum, our bins and trusses are heavy-duty and still light and maneuverable. In addition, we created proprietary structural designs that make all of our bins stackable.

Our Riggers love them because they are so easy to use. Our Truck Loaders love them because they are easy to transport. Our Warehouse Manager loves them because they save so much space in the warehouse and on the trucks!

Well, to make a long story short, we thought we were onto something great and sure enough we were right. People started asking, “What are these?” “These are so cool!” “Where did you get these bins?” “How can we get our hands on such an innovative idea?”

So here we are today. Offering you the solution to a quicker, easier and highly durable way to transport all of your motors, cables and staging equipment. But by all means, if you want to keep breaking your back, we are happy to give you the number to our chiropractor. He is a bit lonely now that we took him off our speed dial.

We bought these motor bins 9 months ago. They’ve already been out to more than 80 shows and they still look great with our signature red frames. We are saving so much money on trucking it’s amazing. We have to order more!


Anton Video Concept
I can’t believe how light, strong and safe these bins are! It has made our rigging equipment SO easy to load and send out on shows. We own 40 AlumaBins and after 18 months of using them, I can’t believe how well they are holding up! They save us tons of space in the warehouse and on truckloads. I love these things!


Star Way Productions
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